Bringing clarity to lending performance

AltFi Data enable originators to disclose asset performance and help investors bring efficiency to the investment process.


Bring efficiency to the process of investing in loan assets


Widen your access to capital and reduce your cost of funding
  • Due diligence
  • Risk management
  • Risk monitoring
  • Valuation
  • Performance benchmarking

Detailed line item cashflow data from

“AltFi Data has done a good job of collating, analysing and presenting the platforms’ loan books making it easier to understand a platforms’ performance.”

Jaidev Janardana, CEO of Zopa

“AltFi Data’s standardized metrics allow investors to streamline their due diligence and ongoing analysis of the marketplace lending sector.”

John Goldson, Prosper Marketplace

“AltFi Data continue to push the boundaries with the information they provide to investors and analysts.”

James Meekings, UK MD and Co-Founder of Funding Circle

“AltFi Data is helping to establish independent, third-party standardization within the sector.”

Anil Stocker, CEO and co-founder of MarketInvoice

AltFi Data’s proprietary standardisation engine creates the benchmarks upon which industry leaders appraise both risk and return.

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In the eight months since the Brexit vote, Funding Circle has been on a tear. The firm originated more than 530 million pounds ($685 million) in loans during the second half of 2016, a 50 percent jump from the same period a year earlier, according to AltFi Data Ltd., which analyzes the British peer-to-peer industry.


While the six largest UK crowdfunding platforms raised around £33m between them in the first quarter of 2016, according to AltFi Data, the peer-to-peer lenders originated loans worth £911m in the same period.

Financial Times

Over £8.7 billion has been lent by P2P platforms in the UK since inception, according to AltFi data, with £3.4 billion of that in this year alone. Britain’s three biggest platforms — Zopa, Funding Circle, and RateSetter — have all lent over £1 billion each.

Business Insider

Equity crowdfunded companies have performed “impressively”, a report has suggested….Most companies that have used this route to raise capital remain active, according to AltFi Data, which has tracked every deal since 2011, when crowdfunding first emerged.

The Times

In 2015, the online alternative finance industry in the UK grew to £3.2bn…And at the same time, institutional money has flowed readily into the sector. In the last six months, according to AltFi Data, it accounted for 40 per cent of involvement in the UK market – from almost nothing prior to 2014.

City AM

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